Moisture Management

Fabric processors require a diverse range of finishes to meet the demands of to-day’s dynamic apparel markets.

The modern dyer and finisher needs to apply sophisticated finishing effects, simply, and with confidence.

Anglo Color Chem Inc. has partnered with Amitech Inc., a USA based leader in the field, to bring to the market a full range of value-added solutions to meet exactly those needs.


The spill on your shirt does not seep through, does not keep spreading.

Thanks to the “Amipel” family of products the moisture beads up and rolls away.

Comfort finishes, durable in performance and environmentally friendly in application.


The stain is in-grained, but “Amipel” SRL-S comes to the rescue.

When incorporated into the repellency formula, it provides powerful stain release without sacrificing comfort.

Durable to washing and dry-cleaning with an easy, highly compatible application profile.


“Polywick” S is the next step forward in synthetic fiber comfort.

Perspiration is transported away from the body, giving the polyester garment wearer a “breathable”, cotton-like experience. Perfect for Action Fabrics.

Applicable by pad or exhaust; durable and environmentally benign.

In addition to apparel outlets, outdoor woven fabrics such as awnings, waterproofing and leisure upholstery are a growing niche for such finishes.

The “Amipel” range offers the high levels of water and oil repellency that are key requirements.

Easy application with minimum effect on fastness.


Complementing the core products, we offer a full range of softeners, handle modifiers and specialty products dedicated to enhance Moisture Management effects. 

Featured amongst these:

  • “AngloSil” S-920, a unique, hydrophilic silicone softener with instant absorbency and an exciting silky soft handle. It is designed for use in soil release finishes and offers very low yellowing characteristics upon finishing.
  • “BST AM500”, a highly cost effective, durable and eco-friendly solution to microbial problems on a wide range of substrates. Unlike traditional products, it contains no heavy metals and solvents but it still powerfully inhibits mold/mildew growth.


Together, Anglo Color Chem Inc. and Amitech Inc. can resolve all your needs in Moisture Management.

  • We can support you in our dedicated development and application laboratories.
  • We can successfully adapt bulk applications to your particular factory conditions.
  • We can tailor make products specifically to meet your customers’ changing demands.

Let the Finishing begin……………


Polywick S is special.

The key is its ability to permanently modify the polymeric surface of synthetic fibers.

It makes synthetics cool.


Polywick S imparts anti-static, cling free properties.

Improves soil release properties.

Is durable to laundering and dry cleaning.

Exceeds major sports retailers' wicking test specifications.



Repellancy is the ability to defend your clothing from stains soaking in.

The Amipel family of products cover water,oil and foodstuff stains.

All natural and synthetic fibers can benefit from Amipel repellancy. 


The Amipel product line covers all types of finishing specifications.

 Durability can reach well over  50 luanderings (Amipel 207).

Environmentally very friendly (solvent free).

Can be used in combination with most traditional finishes.

Soil Release

We do not only need to repel stains.

We need to release them.

Soil release allows stains to easily come clean.


Amipel SRL-S imparts release performance on both synthetic and natural fibers.

it is durable to laundering and dry cleaning.

Has no effect on the hand or the yellowing characteristics of the siubstrate.

Is environmentally friendly (solvent free).